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Welcome Business Owners (mostly women, but a few good men!)

Are you tired of struggling in your service business; frustrated with a trickle of clients and overwhelmed trying to market your business? At The Center for Guilt-Free Success we can help you achieve your business goals through services that are:


"Prior to working with Victoria Cook, I realized I needed a better handle on who my market was, what my message was, and the best ways to convey it. Through our work together I refined my target audience, refined how I explained my business - including my elevator speeches and created a repeatable plan for each of our new sessions. Now I'm working less and feel more organized; I'm less stressed out when it comes time to launch each new session. ...


“I am an experienced Entrepreneur but always looking to do better. Working with Victoria Cook has resulted in thousands more in monthly revenue. Her advice is easy to understand, easy to implement and will result in business success!  I am someone who makes business investments on what makes me the best return of my time and money. A woman who chooses to work with Victoria will see not only results in their outlook and time but financial returns. Victoria is ...


“I started my business about three years ago. Before I began working with Victoria, my company lacked a clear brand identity, I had no marketing plan, I had not clearly identified my ideal client, and I had just a trickle of business. I knew something needed to change if I wanted my business to succeed. I began working with Victoria’s DIY Marketing Blueprint Workshop. I identified my ideal client, figured out my core marketing message, developed my killer elevator speech ...


Women Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to grow?

While my market is primarily women business owners, I do work with a few good men! If you are ready to take action, the place to start is the Marketing Strategy Assessment. This is a highly targeted discussion in which we take an objective look at what you are doing to attract, acquire, and retain your ideal clients. This assessment will uncover WHY you’re working hard without the profitability you want, WHAT is keeping you from an abundant amount of clients, and HOW to end the stress, guilt, and struggle to achieve your business goals!

Register Online or Call us today to schedule your Marketing Strategy Session! 847-701-4739