Community for Professional Women

Join us for an upcoming live business Success Circle – Professional Women Learning, Helping & Celebrating One Another!

Interactive learning, masterminding, and networking with Victoria Cook

Each month professional women business owners gather together for a time of interactive masterminding, learning, and networking at the Success Circles facilitated by Victoria Cook, head coach at the Center for Guilt-Free Success.

{ MasterMinding }

MasterMinding is an opportunity to request any type of support, feedback, suggestions, brainstorming, laser coaching, and advice from Victoria and the other attendees. Participants benefit from the combined wisdom and creativity created by the presence and focus of everyone in the room.

{ Learning }

Guilt-Free Gathering & Networking for women business owners

At each gathering a mini training is given on a topic of interest. This includes an overview of the topic, tips or strategies for implementation, a handout for notes and resources, and a brief roundtable discussion among attendees.

{ Networking }

The networking that occurs is much more organic and connects at a deeper level. It isn’t a room full of professional women tossing business cards at each other. Rather, it is an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and share with like-minded business owners in an intimate environment. Networking connections happen naturally and often participants meet with one another outside the gatherings to foster partnerships or learn more about each another.


{ Benefits of Participation }

By participating in this group, you are tapping into tremendous resources of energy, synergy and support. Through regular attendance, you will get to know the other members, and come to rely on their roles in your own success.  The specifics of what you can expect from this group are:

  • Support: You can expect to receive support and encouragement from the other attendees.
  • Creativity: If two heads are better than one at solving problems and coming up with creative solutions, then just imagine the power available to you through a group of women business owners! Each person adds exponentially to the creative abilities of the group, the same way a mirror more than doubles the light it reflects, so that three mirrors can produce almost nine times the amount of the light emitted by the source. Your brilliance will be enhanced and reflected back to you by the others in the group, producing a firestorm of ideas that will propel you to success.
  • Inspiration: You’ll hear what’s worked, and what hasn’t, from people in the very same situation that you may be in.

What attendees are saying:

” I loved the advice that the ladies gave to each other.  I would recommend it to other business owners.” Pat Kolodziej, PK Tax Services

Enjoyed meeting intelligent, professional business women.  I appreciate the different perspectives.” Kay Bogolin, Financial Legacy Builders, LLC

“I love the mastermind portion – I think it’s the most valuable part of the gathering.” Michelle Leichty, ML Content

“It is great collaborating with other business women, especially if you normally work out of a home office. I appreciate getting a different point of view on my business.” Laura M.

{ Event Agenda }

9:00 – 9:05: Greetings, informal introductions
9:05 – 9:20: Formal introductions, introduce discussion topic
9:20 – 9:40: Topic discussion
9:40 – 10:50: Masterminding
10:50 – 10:55: Takeaways and commitments
10:55 – 11:00: Wrap up

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with like-minded professional women to learn, connect & collaborate in a comfortable environment. You may be in business by yourself but you don’t have to be alone!


Date, Time & Location



Wednesday, February 26, 2014
9:00 – 11:00 am
Roots Education Center
9 Crystal Lake Road, Suite 100
Lake in the Hills
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