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Marketing Diagnostic: What you need to know now

A marketing diagnostic will uncover what's going on with your marketingWhat is a marketing diagnostic session?

A marketing diagnostic session is an evaluative meeting in which we identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of your current situation or plans. This 45-minute meeting will uncover the key metrics and significant information that determines your potential for success.

Imagine going to the doctor to find out why you feel tired, sluggish, or you have headaches all the time. Your doctor asks you a lot of questions, weighs you, takes your temp, and then gives you her diagnosis, followed by a prescription (which could include changes in diet, exercise, vitamins, or even drugs or surgery).

That is exactly what this meeting is like but you get to keep your clothes on, and there are no scales or thermometers to worry about. We look at what’s going on, what’s wrong, and then you get a prescription for how to fix the problems.

Please note that we don’t “fix the problem” in this meeting, rather we identify the real problems as well as the solution(s). Some fixes are easy, but most will take time, attention, and effort to get on track.




Totally. Risk. Free. If after the marketing diagnostic we decide to work together fees from this session will be totally applicable towards a Marketing Kick Start Coaching Program.



How does it work?

First, you schedule your session by calling my office at 847-701-4739 to book your time, or you purchase the meeting through the online form below.

Once our meeting date and time has been confirmed, either by phone or email, you will receive a confirmation email with a list of questions to answer before our meeting. These questions are essential for your preparation. Why do YOU need to prepare? Because you want to get the most from your meeting, and advance preparation is the best way to insure that you get the greatest value from our meeting.

Please note that this meeting is not a strategy meeting, but a diagnostic. You will walk away from this meeting with an overview of the health of your marketing, including a list of improvements needed in your marketing.

Can this meeting be recorded?

Yes, the phone meetings are recorded, and you receive a link to download an MP3 of our time. Although I don’t record meetings in my office, you are welcome to bring an audio recording device of your own.

What you get:

  • A private session with my full attention with my frank evaluation of where you are now, what will happen if nothing changes
  • Suggestions (my “prescription”) for strengthening your marketing programs going forward
  • An audio recording of the session if you wish (this option is only available for meetings by phone)
  • a follow-up email with a link to the audio of your session
  • Other resources as needed/requested.

Format: One private meeting by phone or at my office*


  • Forty-Five minutes (45 minutes) = $147

Date/Time:  Your private meeting scheduled at our mutual convenience.

Ideal for:  Small office / home office, service and retail micro (one to two people) businesses who are launching a new product, service or event, wish to have their plans vetted and/or evaluated by a business and marketing professional.

Travel: Yes, I can and will travel to your office for a marketing diagnostic session, and yes, I do offer these to more than just micro businesses, but the process will take longer and cost more. Please inquire for details.

Get your prescription for improving your business marketingMarketing Diagnostic

Price: $147.00

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One Marketing Diagnostic session with Victoria Cook, Guilt-Free Business & Marketing Coach. Once payment has been received, you will receive a link to schedule your session.

What you will receive: A 1:1 evaluation of the ideas/materials you present, plus my personal suggestions for strengthening your marketing program.