Step 1 is a Marketing Strategy Assessment

Why start with a Marketing Strategy Assessment?

Business owners can self diagnose and enroll in a marketing coaching program or a one-time session, but to make sure they get maximum value in the shortest amount of time a Marketing Strategy Assessment is highly recommended. This private assessment helps identify what you REALLY need so you don’t waste money and time.
NOTE:  If after the assessment we decide to work together the fee will be applied toward whatever program you choose, even if it is only another one-time session.

The Marketing Coaching Services Offered Include:

A marketing diagnostic will uncover what's going on with your marketing

One-Time Marketing Coaching Session:

Marketing Diagnostic Coaching Session – an evaluative meeting in which we identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of your current situation or plans. We look at what’s going on, what’s wrong, and then you get a prescription for how to fix the problems.

Group Marketing Coaching & Mastermind:

Women’s Mastermind Group – Ideal for business owners looking for specific how-to’s, marketing coaching and support. You’ll get the support CL MM Groupof an expert coach sharing proven small business growth strategies PLUS an in-person or virtual group of like-minded women entrepreneurs that you’ll come to call your personal support team.

In-Person: Women’s Business Development Group

Virtual: Guilt-Free RESULTS™ Action Group

Private Marketing Coaching:

Marketing  Kick Start Coaching Program – Create a personalized blueprint for success that guides you through the entire year of business, so that you know what to do on a daily basis to build your business, and earn more revenue.

Need-to-Know Info

Working with me is for you if you are:

  • ready for more success with less stress and struggle
  • serious about taking action
  • wanting to overcome overwhelm
  • ready to prioritize your business and life to achieve that fulfilling balance in business, life and family

Here is what I know about my clients:

  • My clients are passionate about their business and making a difference in the lives of their clients
  • My clients are already very accomplished professionals
  • My clients accept responsibility for their own success
  • My clients are willing to do the work
  • Most of my clients have a spiritual side
  • Many of my private clients are the first-born girls in their family 🙂

Here is what my clients can expect from me:

  • A straight shooter who will lovingly tell you like it is
  • My undivided attention and support
  • To keep YOUR big picture in focus
  • My strategic and creative resources
  • My 3-point guarantee

Sound good? Are we on the same page so far? Excellent! We are going to get along great. Now schedule that  Marketing Strategy Assessment so we can get started! 🙂